2019 Board Of Trustees Election

Long Bay College Board Of Trustees Pictured left to right: Vanessa Mitschak, Denise Trent (Staff Representative), Kyle Sowry (Student Representative), Christy Allison, Richard Beechey, Kevin de Jong (Chairperson), Steve Piner, CJ Healey (Principal), Justin O’Sullivan, Simon Tran.

Last term, the College’s new Board Of Trustees (BOT) was elected for a three year term. We would like to thank all election nominees.

The Board of Trustees has a governance role and is responsible for setting the school’s strategic direction and ensuring that the school provides a safe environment and quality education for all its students, including overseeing the management of personnel, curriculum, property, finance and administration of the school.

The Board meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the staff room. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings, which are open for public attendance, however, they are not public meetings. Visitors’ speaking rights must be requested from the Chairperson.

For further information about the BOT, please see the Long Bay College website, here.


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