2019 Prefects induct new leaders

Year 12 students, selected to become Prefects in 2020 during the College’s 45th year of operation were inducted at a Prefect hand-over this week. An afternoon of activities, devised and led by our current Head Boy Samuel Roberts and Head Girl Alice Oh, saw the 2019 Prefects team-up with the incoming Prefects to complete some interesting team-building challenges. The activities concluded with current Prefects presenting new Prefects with their badges and performing a Haka.


Just who the College’s Head Boy and Girl will be in 2020 is yet to be revealed. Principal, Mr CJ Healey says the school is maximising opportunities to evaluate the Prefect’s leadership capabilities and will announce the head students early next year. “These are important roles for leading our dynamic portfolio teams and indeed our entire student body,” Mr Healey says.

Prefects undertake a range of activities within dedicated portfolios of work to enhance school life through communication, technology, sport, sustainability, arts and culture and more. The skills gained by the experiences are life changing. Current Head Girl Alice Oh says the role has helped her to build her confidence and grow her organisation and communication skills, while Head Boy Samuel Roberts says, “It’s been as much about leading from within as it has been from the front. It has allowed me to give others the opportunity to grow and to lead or voice their ideas too.”

Long Bay College would like to warmly thank our 2019 Prefect team for all their amazing efforts this year and congratulate the members of the 2020 Prefect team.

Advisory Panel

The leadership group consists of two leaders representing each Prefect portfolio.

  • Academic Portfolio Leaders: Julia Ford and Luka Katavich
  • Arts Portfolio Leaders: Bella de Silva and Conor McDermott
  • Cultural Portfolio Leaders: Sanna  Kalberer and Jade Woodward
  • School and Community Culture and Leadership Development Portfolio Head Prefects: To be confirmed in early 2020
  • Sports Portfolio Leaders: Kayla  Allison-Carnie and Ethan Clifford
  • Sustainability Portfolio Leaders: Rubie  Court and Alice  O’Sullivan
  • Technology, Innovation and Communication Portfolio Leaders: Alex Berry and Yannick Lange


Academic Portfolio Prefects: Camille Bennett, Harrison Burns, Tessa de Jong-Gordon , Kayla Williams, Seyeong Yim


Arts Portfolio Prefects: Jessie Cole, Jacob Davies, Abbey Falconer, Dominique Stallard, Mia Tayler


Cultural Portfolio Prefects: Hannah Wharemate (Te Manukura), Lily Breytenbach, Litengfei  Feng, Megan Otto, Lennart Rother, Sherry Wang


School and Community Culture and Leadership Development Portfolio Prefects: Andrew Buys, Aron Chand, Tace Chapman, Amelia Claridge, Sam Roe, Hayden Schmidt, Kyle Sowry


Sports Portfolio Prefects: Daniel Benzie, JJ Britz, Tatum Doubell, Liam Jameson, Latisha Trigwell-Achmad


Sustainability Portfolio Prefects: Jessica Cullen, Caitlin Ellin, Georgia Gingell, Nathan Walton


Technology, Innovation and Communication Portfolio Prefects: Kayla  Andrews, Grace Buchanan, Cameron Burns, Woo Jin Lee, Ryno Veldtmann

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