2019 Special Olympics Football

In June, we represented our school at the Special Olympics. It was a great day. The team was split into two five-a-side teams: The Long Bay Rovers and Long Bay United. Each team played three games, competing against different schools. Long Bay College had some great supporters who came to cheer the team on. Niall Thompson, Long Bay College’s Sports Coordinator, was the best coach and organised warm-up exercises, showed the group passing skills and best of all, gave great words of encouragement.

Here’s what the students had to say…

By Michael de Jong

“We went to play soccer with Special Olympics. We lost the first game but won the second game 10-1 and beat Orewa College. In the third game, we played against our other team, called the Long Bay Rovers. My team won 6-2. The people in the Long Bay Rovers were Jae-Hun, Gabby, Andrew, Shakur and Jack B. IN my team were Ben, Cameron, Jack W, Jayden and me. Our team name was Long Bay United.”


By Jayden Norrish

“We went to the Special Olympics Soccer day in the school van. We played soccer.  We ran and kicked the ball.  We scored goals. I scored two goals.  My team was Ben, Jayden, Jack, Cameron and Michael. It was lots of fun.”


By Ben Bettany

“I like kicking balls into the goal and passing to my team. In my team were is Jayden, Michael, Cameron, Jack and Ben we scored 10 -1 against Orewa College. At the end we got certificates.”


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