2020 Art Awards

It was a wonderful evening of celebration and creative performances at our Arts Awards evening on November 3. Congratulations to all of our students who earned an award.
To view a full list of recipients, visit the link here.
‘The Stallard Award for Talent across Multiple Arts,’ was a new addition to the Arts Awards this year, kindly donated to the College in loving memory of Chantal Stallard. Chantal was a creative and talented performing and visual arts student who graduated from Long Bay College in 2018 and sadly passed away in 2019 after her second battle with Leukemia. The trophy was awarded to its first recipient, Avalon Martin in Year 12, for her exceptional skills as a singer, visual artist, musician and Shakespearian and drama performer.
Congratulations to all the performers at Arts Awards and to the Arts Prefect team for creating a very special occasion for students.
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