2020 Scholarship successes

Long Bay College students earned multiple Scholarships across 17 different sectors of the curriculum, highlighting the strength and breadth of our teaching and learning. A special congratulations goes to those who earned Outstanding Scholarships:
  • Kyle Sowry – Design
  • Sanna Kalberer – Design & Visual Communication
  • Monika Gadomski – Technology
A special acknowledgement goes to those students who achieved multiple Scholarships in Years 12 and 13.
Year 12 (2020) students:
  • Iain Sweatman – Scholarships in Calculus and English.
  • Mary McCallum – Scholarships in Earth, Space Science and Geography.

Year 13 (2020) students:

  • Tianyi Gao – Scholarships in Art History, Chinese and Painting.
  • Isabella de Silva – Scholarships for English and Drama.
  • Nico Holmes – Scholarships in Chemistry and Biology
And, we are thrilled for our Year 11 student who earned a Scholarship:
  • Max Bojovic – Calculus.
We congratulate all students who earned scholarships in 2020.
It is with sincere gratitude we thank staff and caregivers who supported students with their studies in a year that posed many challenges.
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