2021 Head Prefects named

Long Bay College is proud to announce our 2021 Head Prefects.

  • Taylor Irvine (Head Prefect)
  • Mikayla Robson (Deputy Head Prefect)
  • Cameron Waller (Deputy Head Prefect)
  • Nate Whitfield (Head Prefect)

Pictured left to right: Deputy Principal Mr Mike Lewis, Cameron Waller, Nate Whitfield, Taylor Irvine and Mikayla Robson and Principal, Mr CJ Healey.

Moments after the students learned they had been selected for the 2021 Head Prefect roles, we asked them how they felt.

Taylor: “Absolutely fizzin’!”

Nate: “Shocked! I can’t wait for a great year.”

Mikayla: “Elated! Grateful and excited.”

Cameron: “I’m speechless.”

The team, who connect extremely well, took a moment after the announcement for a group hug.

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