Principal’s Message

Make no mistake, being the Principal of a New Zealand High School is a privilege and the last few weeks have really highlighted that for me.

I have been fortunate enough to witness so much that we, as a community, can be proud of. Recently, we have showcased our school to prospective new families and they have come to see us in large numbers. What has been particularly impressive has been the willingness of our students to sacrifice their time and effort to show others what we are all about.  At our Open Evening, we had close to 400 of our students present our school to prospective students and their families late into the evening, demonstrating a level of pride and connectedness that was so heartwarming to see.

Out and about, our students have also ‘flown our flag’ and represented us with great confidence, conveying their sincere sense of belonging.

Our Jazz, Concert and Big Bands performed well at the KBB Music Festival, under the tutelage of Mr Tim Atkinson. The groups’ numbers continue to grow, along with their amazing development as evident in their performances.

Mrs Denise Trent, the Head of our Faculty of Business, her team and our students demonstrated our school values in abundance when, together they recently presented their entrepreneurial work to a panel of industry experts.

In Sport, managed by our Sports Director Mr Paul Field and his team, we continue to go from strength to strength.  Our students have excelled. We have witnessed the drama of a penalty shoot-out, title wins, performances live on Sky TV and a snatched victory in Basketball from the jaws of defeat with a buzzer-beater three point shot from within our own half of the court. The support our teams received at recent final matches has numbered in the hundreds. Our student, staff and community groups have demonstrated humility in victory and grace in defeat and they all deserve huge credit.

With devoted staff, engaged students who feel safe, connected and encouraged to reach their potential through creative excellence, our school continues to grow from strength to strength.

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