Alice wins Brain Busters

Our very own Alice Dibble (now in Year 10) won the December 22, 2021 episode of TVNZ’s late afternoon show, Brain Busters. Known as “The Chase for young people”, Alice competed against others of her age in a knowledge, physical challenge and speciality subject rounds, earning the top spot for the day and $700.

“The questions themselves were not that hard but it was the pressure that was the hardest part of the whole day”, says Alice who flew to Christchurch last September for a day’s filming.

The show required more than answering questions about Science, Maths and Spelling.  Alice also had to complete an obstacle course. She started the round ahead in points but unfortunately lost time during the event, which added to the pressure.

“I was a long way behind at one stage of the course but I managed to make a come-back in the final moments and win the round,” she says.

One of the best things about Alice’s Brain Busters experience was the chance to learn about the show’s production.

“I really enjoyed the whole experience. It was such a fun day. Before I went, I watched heaps of episodes and answered the questions. When I got there, it was interesting to see how long it takes to produce. It was cool to see the team behind the scenes and witness the difference between the finished version and the making of it.”

While taking part in a TV quiz show was “nerve-wracking”,  Alice says she would do it all again. “The contestants were all really nice and we formed some nice bonds.”

So what’s next for our brain buster? English is Alice’s favourite subject at College and she enjoys Drama and Dance (Contemporary and Ballet) however, she also loves Science and hopes to one day become a doctor.

Congratulations Alice on your Brain Busters success!

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