Ask for help

Long Bay College hosted ‘The Revolution Tour’ at assembly recently. The talented crew conveyed a super-important message through comedy, dance and song that we all need to remember: Seek support when the going gets tough.

“Asking for help does not make you weak. It makes you smart,” says tour presenter, Paula Fakalata. “Everyone gets to a point in life when it [emotional pain] happens. We all suffer hard times.” He challenged students to consider why the discomfort of physical pain gets our attention a lot faster than emotional pain which isn’t afforded the same level of recognition and support. “Why do we act like it will go away? Imagine if we did that with physical pain? Everyone would be saying go and get help!”

Students were also given a useful tool to use for when things get difficult. Mr Fakalata suggested imagining life is like a movie. The idea is to to look at life as a series of  ‘scenes’.  The scene you are currently in, just like those before it, will eventually evolve into another one.”Life can and will get better. You just have to hold on. And while you’re holding on, go and get help and talk to people,” he said.

Long Bay College has a full student support team in place. If students do need help, they can reach out to their Atawhai Leader, their Dean, our Youth Workers and one of the three members of our Guidance team.



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