Amelia’s play selected for live stream event

Deputy Head Girl Amelia Claridge’s play, ‘Strawberry Milk’ has been selected for a live, online performance.

During lockdown, Thornbill Theatre Space New Zealand hosted a competition whereby people were invited to write a 20 minute play within 12 hours. To add to the challenge, participants had to write key words for their play and were then required to randomly select their words from a hat and base their script upon them. Amelia’s piece explored the theme of neuro-diversity and features a key character with autism.

Recently, Amelia received a message her work had been selected by Thornbill Theatre Space for a live reading, thanks to the piece demonstrating a compassionate story line with a strong character. She was invited to the online event on June 21 and was extremely proud to witness New Zealand based actors performing her play by live stream as part of a couch reading session.

Amelia has now been invited to create a two minute monologue for Thornbill Theatre Space. Congratulations Amelia!

Watch Strawberry Milk’s reading on Facebook here.


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