Art by equation

Students across all year groups have been developing their numerical modelling skills in Mathematics recently using Demos Graphing Calculator software. They have been developing equations to map out ways to draw a variety of graphs and have also created animated art. Mathematics teacher, Mr Tim Spratt who has led the initiative with students says, this innovative approach to learning has seen students become highly engaged in their assignments and requires high level thinking.

“The students have displayed great imagination and ability, especially as their skills have progressed and they have been able to create even more complex images using equations,” Mr Spratt says.  He’s seen a mathematically produced rubber duck, a bus and even Harry Potter.

A group of international students took up the mathematical art challenge as part of their Level One end of year enrichment programme. They submitted their final project to Mr Spratt after four weeks of study for an in-house competition. Congratulations goes to Dongmin (Year 10) who won the challenge with his animation (see his work here), with honourable mentions to Jianwen (Year 11), Yuki (Year 13), Manaka (Year 11), Eason (Year 9), Sena (Year 10) and Youfang (Year 12).

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