Ashley takes action for Daffodil Day

Year 10 student, Ashley Binns has raised a fantastic $235 for Daffodil Day. She was motivated to take to her local streets to collect funds for the cancer awareness day because a close family friend has cancer and her relatives have also had it. She was also touched by the heartfelt words Long Bay College’s Year 12 student, Dominique Stallard shared this week about the impact of cancer on her family.

“If I was in that position, I would be grateful if people raised money for the cause,” says Ashley.

Long Bay College held a Mufti Day to raise funds for Daffodil Day and asked for a gold coin donation but Ashley says she wanted to do more than that. “I wanted to take in more than just $1 to school. I wanted to take in as much as I could!”

Ashley, along with her younger brother collected $30 after just one hour of knocking on doors. Not everyone was friendly and polite but Ashley persevered.  Along with collecting funds, Ashley also donated some of her own money and her mum, dad and grandparents also supported her desire to raise funds for Daffodil Day.

“We made a poster about Daffodil Day and it had a picture of my brother and I holding up our collection bags. My parents and grandparents took it to work and asked their colleagues to donate so we raised quite a lot that way.”

Ashley loves to help people in need. She is passionate about Dance and hopes to create a free dance school for young people who don’t have the means to pay for classes. She’s been searching for a space big enough to cater to the hundreds who responded to her social media post about attending the classes.

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