BOT Student Representative re-elected

Congratulations to Year 12 student, Kyle Sowry. He has been re-elected for another one-year term to the role of student representative on the Long Bay College Board Of Trustees. Thank you to all the nominees who stood for the position.

A message from Kyle

“Hey Long Bay College community! For the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of being your student representative on LBC’s board. Over the past year, there have been some huge changes to our school. We’ve started renovations to M block, student bathroom reworks, developed plans for an admin block refurbishment, wood tech rebuild, the planning of two new fields, and so much more. After being re-elected for the year to come, I’ve set myself new goals and metrics that I plan to work from to continue bringing student values to board meetings. Being on the board for a second consecutive year has given me the chance to seamlessly continue representing the student body, and with so many changes underway, student input is needed now more than ever!”

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