Congratulations to the 2021 Prefect Portfolio leaders and Prefects

Congratulations to all our students who have been selected to become Prefects and portfolio leaders in 2021.

Advisory Panel

The Prefect leadership group consists of two leaders representing each Prefect portfolio:

  • Academic Portfolio Leaders:  Ella Bowerman and Iain Sweatman
  • Arts Portfolio Leaders:  Indigo Crawford and Avalon Martin
  • Cultural Portfolio Leaders:  Nhi Huyen Ha and Yibei Wang
  • School and Community Culture and Leadership Development Portfolio Head Prefects: To be confirmed in early 2021
  • Sports Portfolio Leaders: Jemma Jones and Marcus Nevin
  • Sustainability Portfolio Leaders:  Jasmine Hadfield and Hannah Roberts
  • Technology, Innovation and Communication Portfolio Leaders: Robin Nowland and Alex Osborne

Academic Portfolio Prefects: Issy Lawrence, Issac Morris, Abbey Patten, Holly Wenham, Kelly Hooton

Arts Portfolio Prefects: Laura Haugh, Imogen Lambert, Jack Lowe, Lucy Tee, Lauren Ward

Cultural Portfolio Prefects: Kaea Harrison, Isaiah Manley-Pearson, Amethyst Neru, Nitya Talla, Daniella Ting-Chong

School and Community Culture and Leadership Development Portfolio Prefects:  Jaime Bell, Paris Coulson, Taylor Irvine, Mary McCallum, Mikayla Robson, Cameron Waller, Nate Whitfield

Sports Portfolio Prefects: George de Felice, Sam Lowe, Emily McIntosh, Olivia Merriman, Jack Underwood

Sustainability Portfolio Prefects: Sam Heuss, Tagan Jacobs, Emma Mills, Vanessa Van Vuuren, Hannah White

Technology, Innovation and Communication Portfolio Prefects: Aidan Darlington, Thisara Gamalath, Jordan Hunt, Mihika Jakowetz, Joshua Schutte

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