Daffodil Day & International Charity Day

Ahead of Daffodil Day on August 30, Long Bay College students learnt about the Cancer Society’s important role in our community. Mrs Sue Beuvink from the Cancer Society explained to students at assembly how the vital funds collected through fundraising events are distributed to those touched by cancer. Research, a patient helpline, transportation services, psychologists and specialist nurses are just some of the many important ways that funds are used.

One in every three people are diagnosed with cancer and rates are expected to rise to one in every two by 2035. Survival rates have increased to 55-60% but prevention remains key. People can reduce their risks of the disease by avoiding smoking and alcohol and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping active and eating plenty of vegetables and fibre.

The Daffodil has become an international symbol of hope used by Cancer Societies globally. “Wearing a Daffodil represents hope for the future,” says Mrs Beuvink.

The school held a Mufti Day fundraiser on Daffodil Day and asked students to bring a gold coin donation. Students could also purchase Daffodil pins to wear in a range of colours, thereby showing their support to those who have had various forms of cancer. The response was fantastic and it was wonderful to see students supporting the fundraiser.

September 5 is this year’s International Charity Day. In recognition of the day, the seven schools in the Oneroa Kahui Ako are working together to fundraise for the following charities:

Oteha Valley School is supporting the ‘Back To School’ appeal.

Long Bay Primary is supporting the SPCA.

Glamorgan and Sherwood Schools are supporting Foster Hope.

Pinehill School is supporting Canteen.

Northcross Intermediate, along with Long Bay College, is supporting Daffodil Day.

Thank you to the staff and students who have helped to organise the fundraisers. The events grow awareness of a number of important charities who do such great work in our communities.

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