Dayna’s head shave for a cure

Dayna Young was just 10 years old when she told her Dad she wanted to shave her head to support people with cancer.  Now, as a 14 year old, Dayna has achieved her goal and cropped her long locks, raising over $2000 for charitable organisation, Shave for a Cure.

“My hair annoyed me. It always got in my face when I was riding my bike. I have always wanted to shave it off and use if for a good cause to help people,” Dayna says.

Initially, Dayna had planned to shave her hair off herself, but over the past year while researching options for hair donation and cancer fundraising, Dayna learned that hair has to be split into sections before it is carefully cut to be useful in the creation of wigs for cancer patients. In the end, she selected a local hairdresser and on May 27 took the plunge and went for a ‘number three’.

“I shed some tears because I was actually finally doing it,” she says. “I was in a bit of shock after, but I like it. My hair feels so nice and soft and dries so fast! My friends all thought it was cool and some even wanted to do it with me!”

Dayna chose Shave for a Cure to help achieve her goal because the organisation met many of her hair donation and fundraising requirements and she felt the brand is well known and trusted in the community. Within a day of launching her mission online, Dayna surpassed her goal of raising $700. And the figure has continued to climb.

“I’m at $2100 at the moment. Shave for a Cure rang me at one point and said I was one of their highest donors,” says Dayna proudly. Now, she has upped the stakes and hopes to raise $3000, which she says would be “a really cool achievement.”

Dayna’s hair is already quickly growing back. She says the whole experience has been so worth it that she would definitely do it again. “It’s just made me feel so good!”

And she has some advice for others who may be considering shaving their head to help others. “Just do it and don’t worry about what other’s think of what it will look like,” says Dayna.

If you would like to help Dayna achieve her $3000 Shave for a Cure goal, please click this link here to donate now.


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