Girls connect with ‘Be kind’ awareness campaign

As part of our culture of care, Year 9 and 10 girls attended a special Atawhai assembly with a topic that was right on theme for 2020, ‘The Kindness Campaign’. The message was about the impact our words and actions can have on others, how to better support each other as women and build each other up. The girls watched a video and completed activities afterwards. The feedback about the assembly has been positive with the girls saying they found the content powerful. Here’s what some of the girls said:

“I am extremely grateful for this experience and have taken many away things from it.”

“It’s important to think about what you say because you never know how much it might affect another person.”

“At the end of the day, all girls go through the same thing. But, if we support each other we can all get through.”

“I think it helped a lot of people open up.”

“Girls are amazing … but complicated. Everyone is beautiful and everyone has a place in this world. The kind campaign has been really awesome and also a breakthrough for friendships and arguments.”

“I think it helped bring girls together.”



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