Supporting our juniors on the stage

It all began during the first COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 when Junior Drama group leaders and production directors, Ella Bowerman, Paris Coulson and Issy Lawrence in Year 12 came up with a concept for a junior production. Each of the girls wrote a scene, which they also directed. They collaborated to bring the scenes together into a cohesive production known as ‘The Manor’.

The girls wanted the show to be inclusive of their 26 cast members of the Junior Drama Club, so they wrote their scenes mindfully to include a number of lead characters and ensured each cast member had a line to perform.  Junior students were also given the opportunity to help behind the scenes and assist with costumes and make-up.

While the dress rehearsal went “pear-shaped” (everyone was very nervous), the girls say their October 28 show went really well.

“They all did amazing,” the three directors said of their cast. “We were all crying.”

Ella, Paris and Issy have thoroughly enjoyed leading and directing the Junior Drama Club for the past few years.

“It’s been cool to to see the students develop,” the girls said.

At the recent Arts Awards, the girls efforts were recognised with an award for ‘Excellence and Commitment to Leadership of the Junior Drama Club and Direction of the Junior show’.  All three girls have been selected for 2021 Prefect roles.




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