Here’s why work experience is so beneficial

Zinnia Gurden’s future career ambitions have been inspired by her Gateway work experience this year. The Year 12 student took the opportunity to work at a company that builds tiny houses and as a result, she has really found her niche. She has ambitions to work in the construction industry when she leaves school, starting with earning an apprenticeship and certifications so she too can one day construct small houses.

Zinnia, who loves variety in her day and the chance to create, is taking a double course in Wood Technology in Year 13, along with Calculus, Physics and Physical Education. She is super excited to be following a pathway to her dream job.

Long Bay College Year 11 and 12 students are invited to apply for the 2021 Gateway programme now. It’s an opportunity for students build their skills for employment, working in real workplaces on real tasks. They get a taster of a potential career and the chance to build links with industry training organisations, modern apprenticeships and workplaces. Applications close very soon. Please get in touch with Mrs Kelly Rose in the Careers Office for more information:

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