Our House system launches with lots of fun

This year, students and staff have been inducted into one of our five houses as part of Long Bay College’s newly introduced House System. The houses are named after New Zealand native birds, Kea, Kokako, Tara iti, Tieke and Takahe.

House members have received their house badge, learned about their house icon, competed in the first, full school Top House event and full school Athletics Day. A range of other activities, which all help to build house spirit and connection between students and healthy competition between houses, have been organised in Term One and further events are planned for throughout the year.

The College is currently recruiting leaders for each of the houses and will announce the successful candidates soon.

During our first day together as a full school on February 3, students competed in their very first Top House competition. It was heaps of fun with everyone taking part on a sunny, summer afternoon, completing a range of physical, social and mental challenges.

Students also entered the Valentine’s Day competition to produce art or poetry that reflected the theme of ‘love’. Winners earned points for their houses.

To find out more about our College’s House System and to view the most recent leaderboard, please visit our website here.

Photos: Top House Competition

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