Important notice for bus users

An important reminder to all bus users to ensure your safety and convenience:

  • Loading – wait well back from the curb as the bus approaches and load in a single file – in an orderly manner
  • Exiting – after getting off the bus, stand back on the curb or roadside and wait until the bus has left, before crossing the road. This ensures you have a clear view of vehicles coming from either direction before crossing. This also gives other road users a clearer view of students once the bus is out of the way and has moved on.
  • While on the bus, students should be seated whenever possible. Behaviour should be orderly. There should be no swinging on the bus handles or climbing over the seats.
  • HOP cards – please ensure cards are topped up (and preferably have auto top up on). It is an inconvenience to everyone if students board with no money. The bus money does not go to Bayes Coachline buses, it all goes to Auckland Transport who have to account for it. Payments are monitored through the camera systems and ticketing machines.
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