Minecraft for Mathematics

Long Bay College’s Mathematics Faculty are applying the school’s value of Creativity in their innovative approach to teaching Year 10 students. They’re utilising the virtual world of Minecraft to help students gain a greater understanding of measurement, volume, area and geometric shapes.

The students have been tasked with an assignment where they are challenged to design a large residential property that must contain a 120 sqm house, a swimming pool, play or pet area, sculpture and gardens. They can choose to build their space using Minecraft, Minecraft-like programmes or rulers, pens and books.

Developing the use of Minecraft for Mathematics has been the brainchild of Mathematics Teacher, Mr Justin Bailey. He has been pleased to see an increase in student engagement thanks to the fun, alternative way of learning concepts.

“This gamification approach allows students to display their knowledge in a different format while learning through play,” says Mr Bailey.

Long Bay College’s Head of Mathematics, Mr Matthew Gleeson agrees and says, “The use of Minecraft as an alternative world to represent real world concepts is really useful. Our students get joy from using the platform. Learning algebra through this medium is perceived as a lot less ‘scary’.”

Primary and intermediate students have used Minecraft for learning and Mr Gleeson and Mr Bailey both see the potential in developing it further for high school level concepts across a range of mathematical topics.

For now, Year 10 students have developed some fantastic concepts for their assignments, displayed some amazing creativity and have really enjoyed their learning.


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