Junior basketballers get ahead of the game

Long Bay College is launching a junior Basketball Academy for students in Years 9 and 10.  The Academy will develop the abilities of 25 carefully selected students who will learn specialist techniques, previously only accessible overseas. The new skills they will learn leverage the ‘I’m possible’ training system, developed by international Basketball guru Micah Lancaster.

Long Bay College’s Director of Basketball Mr Justin Bailey says the traning programme is a first in New Zealand. “No ones else in New Zealand is offering College students a comprehensive skill enhancement training programme that we now can.  We will be working alongside Mr Aaron Koh who has developed his training skills under Micah Lancaster at the Skill Lab World Headquarters in Michigan in the USA.”

Mr Bailey, a former Assistant Coach for the Otago Nuggets, will be working alongside Mr Aaron Koh on delivering the Academy’s programme, along with other members of the Long Bay College coaching staff.

In 2020, Long Bay College Basketballers were fortunate to attend a training camp with Mr Ryan Buhain of 2 Hands Basketball who introduced the ‘I’m Possible’ training system to New Zealand. Now, thanks to the new Academy, students will gain greater, on-going access to the ‘I’m Possible’ knowledge and skills through Mr Koh.

The junior basketballers will attend the Academy twice a week, throughout the year. Their training will help in their preparation for the upcoming 3 x 3 Basketball nationals and potential selection to the school’s Premier Basketball team or other senior teams in the future.

A big congratulations goes to the following students on their selection to the Academy:

Bia Abreu (Year 9)

Abi Church (Year 9)

Hannah Coffman (Year 10)

Charlie Goodhue (Year 10)

Katy McCoskery (Year 9)

Kayla Paladin (Year 9)

Willow Simper (Year 9)

Isla Stewart (Year 9)

Lani Tereora (Year 9)

Jesse Archer (Year 10)

Max Bennett (Year 9)

Ryan Blank (Year 10)

Marcel Bryce (Year 9)

Jackson Carr (Year 9)

Ari Dolphin (Year 9)

Tyler Knox (Year 9)

Keelan Latham (Year 9)

Josh Lynch (Year 9)

Dulshan Marthenu (Year 9)

Judah McBurney (Year 9)

Ian Park (Year 9)

Jalen Sievers (Year 10)

Zac Story (Year 10)

Levi Vollmer (Year 9)

Ralph Deborja (Year 9)


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