Simple ways to keep fit in lockdown

With all sport cancelled and sports facilities closed, the Long Bay College Sports Office team have devised some great ways to stay active during lockdown. They have been posting a Work Out of the Day (WOD) on the school’s sport Instagram and Facebook pages. Be sure to check them out. Most WODs can be completed in a short amount of time but with maximum and regular effort, they will help to keep fitness up.

Long Bay College Sports Director, Mr Paul Field says, “We introduced WODs because as part of our culture of care it’s important we help take care of the physical and mental wellbeing of our school community. In uncertain, anxious times, it is best to keep our minds clear and positive. Regular exercise can improve both our psychological and cognitive states by enhancing our energy and enthusiasm while also increasing our self-esteem.”

Mr Field also recommends when working from home it is important to take regular breaks. Exercise has shown to not only reduce stress but also fight feelings of fatigue.

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