Learning why it’s important to eat your greens!

As part of Learning Support’s Keeping Fit module during Term One, students looked at different food groups to learn about both healthy and unhealthy foods. The group covered the five food groups: oils, proteins, dairy, carbohydrates, and fruit and vegetables. A key learning was understanding the importance of eating more fruit and vegetables and less oils for good health. The students shared their favourite foods and learned about where their favourite food belongs in the food pyramid:

Jeronimo – Oils and sweets- Chocolate

Won – Dairy – Ice cream

Jayden – Carbs – Pizza

Ben – Fruit/Veg – Carrots

Jae-Hun – Protein – Beef

Gabby- Protein – Sausage

Shakur- Fruit/Veg – Banana

Mr Birchmore – Carbs – Pizza

Mrs Robertson – Fruit/Veg – Cauliflower

Mrs Keith – Fruit/Veg – Rasberry

Mrs Ward – Dairy – Cheese

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