Leavers – stay in touch!

If your time here at Long Bay College is drawing to an end, we would like to ensure we have your contact details so we can stay in touch with you after you leave. It is always interesting and exciting to hear from our former students and to have your details so we can invite you back for the College Alumni Day (we hope to grow this day into something even bigger) or other school celebrations in the future.

Please take the now to complete our online Long Bay College Alumni form. By providing us with your personal email address we have a better chance of being able to stay in touch. Just click the here. It will only take a minute.

After you finish at Long Bay College, feel free to get in touch with us at any time. Send us your news and achievements. We love hearing what our students do next on this big adventure of life. A good email address to contact us through is: office@lbc.school.nz.

We wish you the very best with your final days and exams at Long Bay College.

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