Students share insights from lockdown life

We asked some of our students to let us know what life has been like in their bubble. Here’s what they told us:

1. “I have been sleeping in a tent outside and I have been allowed to watch movies in the tent.”
2. “My dad puts teddies in the back window and changes them every night for the kids that live in the house behind us.”
3. “I have gone on hikes and walks and done some exercise to keep my fitness up.”
4. “I don’t know if it’s a good thing but I’ve learnt I’m perfectly happy not leaving the house for two weeks.”
5. “I’ve made food for my mum and little brother while my mum works.”
6. “My dad and I have been working on an aviary, and we’ve been stacking wood together for the winter (this is something special because I don’t usually do stuff with my dad).”
7. “I’ve liked being able to have time to do things that I like, without having to cram it in with everything else, or worry that I’m not going to get it done in time. Its been a really nice break from feeling so trapped time wise.”
8. I’ve gotten quite good at cooking meals, training for netball (shooting) and I’ve been able to go for some runs.
9. “I have noticed for the first time how kind the Prime Minister is.”
10. “I’ve helped my little brother and sister by playing with them and making sure they aren’t bored.”
11. “We’ve started to enjoy nature more. Usually on walks you just keep your head down and walk, but lately we notice more of the birds, and the trees/flowers!”
12. “I’ve learnt to appreciate things more. Such as being able to see friends and family.”
13. “I’ve helped my friends who are not doing so great through lockdown; to boost their confidence and make them feel better. I’ve helped around the house with chores and dinners.”
14. “Me and my family bought a 20kg bag of flour and gave some to the entire neighbourhood.”
15. My family has done a lot of baking, and I made cookies and mini donuts! I’ve also gotten into the habit of regularly doing calming coloring books. We’ve also played loads of board games!”

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