Sending lots of luck for prestigious Mathematics competition

Year 12 student Iain Sweatman has earned a place in round two of the prestigious New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad competition. He will complete an exam on September 18 with the goal of gaining a position at the Mathematical Olympiad training camp. From there, a small squad will be selected to represent NZ at the international competition.

“The reason I am doing the competition is for fun and to challenge my thinking,” says Iain. “The nice thing about it is the competition is not just based on knowledge but based on problem solving.”

This year, Iain is studying Level 3 Calculus and Scholarship Calculus and English. He also enjoys the Sciences of Physics and Chemistry and is studying Geography and Electronics. He has an absolute love of learning and quips, “As long as we’re learning something in class, it’s a good day for me.”

Iain says his teachers are great. “Mr Smith and Mr Sandu are very supportive and give some of their own time, which is really cool and really helpful.”




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