Marine scientists for a day

The Leigh Marine Laboratory day trip was an amazing experience for Level 3 Earth Space Science students during Term One, because it was not only beneficial for our current internal assessment but extremely interesting in general! We did two activities throughout the day. In the morning, we had a small lecture on plastics in the ocean and ocean acidification which helped us understand concepts we could include in our essays. We also completed an experiment displaying the acidity levels in seawater and looked at the types of plastics that have been collected within the marine reserve. In the afternoon, we attended another lecture that went into more detail about the chemistry of ocean acidification and some solutions to our polluted oceans. Then, we got very hands-on and played with starfish, sea urchins and clams. It was cool to see them alive and in action. The trip was such a fun learning experience and the most beautiful location as we overlooked Goat Island and the surrounding crystal clear water the whole day.

Written by Year 13 student, Rubie Court

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