Meet our Counsellors

Pictured left to right: Mrs Sue Forrest, Mrs Kathryn Harford-Nielsen and Mrs Trish Mancer

A Guidance Counsellor is available for students at school every day. The Counsellors’ aim to help students explore any difficulties or concerns and to develop their capabilities and resilience. They offer leadership and expertise that promotes positive relationships through awareness of and respect for other’s differences. Students can request an appointment by email during school hours by visiting the Counsellors’ offices in the Deans Corridor, by popping a note in the mailbox attached to the wall opposite the Counsellor’s or by getting in touch by email:

Mrs Sue Forrest – Head of Guidance:
Mrs Kathryn Harford-Nielsen – Guidance Counsellor:
Mrs Trish Mancer – Guidance Counsellor:

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