Meet Our People – Mrs Katherine Thomas, Careers Advisor

Mrs Katherine Thomas, Head of Careers, Careers Advisor

“I started teaching because I really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I loved my subject area, English, and I wanted to help others to get the enjoyment, knowledge and skills that I got from studying literature. I am still a reader and a strong believer in the power of literature to transform our lives and the way in which we understand ourselves and others.

I also taught English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and really enjoyed understanding how languages work and talking with students about their different life experiences.

As well as teaching, I have worked in a refugee centre, taught English to adult migrants, trained EAP teachers, and I also managed a workplace literacy and numeracy programme. My industry experience has given me an understanding of how the corporate world works and the varying, competing needs organisations are faced with. The roles I have had outside of the College have reinforced to me how important literacy is in empowering people and allowing them to reach their true potential.

I moved into Careers because, through my students, I became interested in the transition from school into further study or work. The process can be challenging for students as they venture into a new world. It is really useful for them to have a place such as Careers, to go to get information and advice. I enjoy my work, and I am deeply grateful to my fabulous Careers team who make everything so easy for the students and for myself.

I feel very privileged to work at Long Bay College. The students are great, and in my role as Careers Advisor and Dean, I am lucky enough to meet all of them at some stage of their schooling. It makes my job varied, interesting and a lot of fun. I feel very lucky to work with wonderful staff throughout the school.”

For students in Years 9-12 requiring support with their subject selection for 2020, please come and see the Careers team, located in the office beside the Function Room, A Block.

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