Music ensembles enjoy a head start

By  Year 12 students, Avalon Martin and Brooklyn Ritchie-May

On the weekend of January 29 to February 2, the String Orchestra and Voxette A Capella choir practiced new 2020 material at Shakespeare Regional Park camp. The two groups worked incredibly hard, resulting in over 30 hours of combined rehearsal time together.

Voxette, lead by our eminent conductor Brian Lee, learnt a contemporary Maori song called Te Wairua (arranged by Brian) as well as polishing ‘Danny Boy’ and working on a mashup of three modern songs.

The String Orchestra, led by the school’s Violin teacher David Snelling and Shauno Isomura, refined their pieces for this year, which include ‘Elegy for London’ and ‘Dramatic Essay’. They also learned a new piece, ‘Terra Nova’.

The camp ended with a midday performance for students’ parents which was an opportunity to demonstrate the amazing progress made over the weekend.

When the groups were not rehearsing, the students enjoyed the camp’s fantastic proximity to the beach.

The camp allowed students to kickstart their ensembles for the year and help prepare them for their many 2020 performances. It was also a chance to bond and to build and strengthen friendships within the groups.




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