Need support during lockdown? Connect with our Guidance Team

Long Bay College would like to remind students and their parents/caregivers that support is available online from our Guidance team during lockdown.

Our Head of Guidance, Mrs Patricia Mancer is available each school day and appointments can be scheduled by emailing Mrs Mancer:

Mrs Marinette Shield is a member of our Guidance Team and is available for appointments Wednesday to Fridays. Please email:

From Week 6 (March 8), Mrs Sue Forrest will be available for appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please email:

The College’s two Youthworkers are also available for students to reach out to most school days and can offer a listening ear and a space for connection and support. Sian and Jackson can be contacted by email:


The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand offers some great advice and resources, especially for surviving lockdown. Please find a link to their website here.

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