New 2021 timetable

In 2021, we’re changing up the timetable to help deliver our school’s strategic plan of supporting staff with greater Professional Learning and Development (PLD) opportunities.

We have designed an exciting PLD programme for the entire year that will support our staff to be BYOD ready and to accelerate and develop our teaching practices for the benefit of the whole community. To do this successfully, we need to create the space and capacity within our school day. From the start of next year, Tuesdays will become a ‘Late Start PLD’ day for students and conversely an early start for staff. As a result, we have made some key changes to our timetable from 2021:

  • Staff will begin the PLD programme at 8.10am, which will run until 9am.
  • On Tuesdays, students will not be required at school until 9.05am, though school buses will run at the normal time.
  • Tuesdays will still consist of five periods across the day, each 55 minutes in duration. We will no longer require a six-day rolling timetable because we can simplify our structure to a five day timetable that replicates across each of the 40 weeks of school.
  • While we value whole school assemblies for establishing community and school spirit and will continue to next year, we will hold assemblies twice per term instead of fortnightly.
  • Even with the late start PLD, our students will now be in class for 50 more minutes per term than previously.
  • There will be no changes to the format of the school day for the rest of the week.

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