New toilet facilities impress students

“We have a culture of care at Long Bay and it is important our students feel comfortable in their school environment,” College Principal, Mr CJ Healey says. “Our students provided feedback about the toilet facilities and we listened.”

Over the past six months, a complete renovation of all student toilet facilities has been completed. They are fitted with modern features and every room has a full photo wall with an image that represents an aspect of the College’s local natural environment.

The feedback from students about the new spaces has been extremely positive.

Year 13 student and Board of Trustees Student Representative, Kyle Sowry says,”It’s incredible how much of a difference the renovations have made to the overall feel of the school. I think it’s normally such an undervalued part of our educational space, having clean, fresh, comfortable bathroom facilities and now that they’re complete, our students feel respected and acknowledged.”

We have received the following feedback from our students:

“Everything is so clean! The new stalls are well respected and I’m not hesitant to go to the bathroom at school anymore. I’m incredibly grateful that they were renovated.”  Year 12 student

“I never thought I’d have so much to say about bathrooms! They’re beautiful, spacious, and I’ve recognised that other students have put far more effort into ensuring that they stay clean. It’s such an upgrade from last year.” Year 10 student

Mr Healey received an email from one of our senior students with the following words:

“I wished to express my gratitude for the recent renovations done to the school toilets and M block.

Coming back to school to find the newly completed bathrooms was nothing short of amazing. Having the same quality and luxury that you would find at a hotel or restaurant is really great and it really reflects the care that the school has for its students. 

I have been luckily enough to have one of my classes in M Block. Only a few rooms have been completed in the overall renovation however I can already see the vision that you have for this school. It is really pleasant being in nice modern rooms with brand new furnishings. Not only do the students enjoy it, but so does the teaching staff. 

Once again, thank you for bringing the school buildings back to life.”

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