We’re Going To The Zoo…

Written by Mrs Hayley Summers, Biology Teacher, Science Faculty

Recently, three Level 3 Biology classes headed to the Auckland Zoo for some hands on, real life experience of the content covered in class. Starting with a session hosted by the Zoo’s Educator, the students delved into the topic of Human Evolution with an impressive collection of skeletons, skulls, plaster molds and tool replicas.

The group then headed out into the Zoo with a workbook to put some of the other topics into perspective. Some students were lucky enough to catch the ‘Keeper Talks’ and get up close and personal with the Rhinos, Galapagos Tortoises (the biggest of which weighs 250 kg) and Squirrel Monkeys.

It was a cold day but luckily the rain stayed away so heaps of animals were on display, including the Otter babies and, the most recent addition to the Zoo, the Emperor Tamarinds.

Everyone wanted to bring at least one animal home so the gift shop did a roaring trade in soft toys at the end of the day.

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