Physio available onsite


Meet Christine Nevin, our on-site Physiotherapist.  Students can receive the physio treatment they need without leaving the College by making an appointment with Chris during the school/work day.

  1. If an injury at school or in a school sports’ match/training session the student needs to report to the Medical Room first as the injury/incident needs to be logged. Chris is notified about the injury straight away and will book the student in for a physio appointment as soon as possible. It is important injuries are managed appropriately in the acute phase so students should report to the Medical Room as soon as the injury occurs.
  2. A student can’t just come straight to the Physio Room if the injury occurs at school or in a school sport. Chris is booked up so it is hard to manage an acute incident when she is seeing another student. That’s why students must head to the Medical Room first.
  3. There may be times when Chris initially assesses a student who has just sustained an injury and she requires an x-ray of the injury before starting physiotherapy treatment. Unfortunately, Chris doesn’t have x-ray eyes to see what is happening under the skin, so at times she may require the student to be picked up and taken for an x-ray to eliminate the possibility of a fracture, prior to commencing physio treatment.
  4. Chris is only able to treat injuries that are ACC related. She can complete ACC paperwork for any injuries not already assessed or start a student’s physiotherapy management if they have already been assessed by medical personnel and have an ACC claim number.
  5. Chris’ role does not include giving students a massage if they are experiencing tight muscles/cramps etc. If students are experiencing these issues, Chris recommends lots of stretching, heat packs and hot baths in Epsom salts.

Christine Nevin – Physiotherapist / Registered Hand Therapist – Masters HPrac, Post Grad Dip MT, Dip Phys

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