Please welcome our new leaders

Our new house system was launched at the beginning of 2021. Our 5 houses are each represented by a national bird. Kia, Kokako, Tahake, Tkeie and Tara Iti. We have now officially released the names of our house leaders. They were selected for their reflection of our school values; Care, Respect, Creativity, and Community – values which will be at the forefront of this new role.
This new leadership position within our school will involve working for the wider community. We are excited to be encouraging collaboration across Year Levels, between Houses, and with other leaders such as our Prefect team. Leadership skills will continue to be built on throughout the year, all while we increase school spirit and pride.
Congratulations, again, on this great achievement! We cannot wait to see how these students shape their leadership roles; with the amazing qualities they bring to our team.

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