Remote learning and COVID-19 communication

All inforrmation about remote learning and the way COVID-19 Alert levels may affect our school will be communicated by email to parents/caregivers and students. The information will also be made available on our school website under the COVID-19 Domestic students and Remote Learning sections.  Follow our social media pages for updates:



In 2020, we delivered an excellent digital learning programme to a very high standard. This was evident through our learner’s fantastic 2020 outcomes, both academically and beyond. We were proud of the efforts of both students and staff and also of the levels of engagement from our student’s families in helping us to achieve our goals for your children.

This year, we have revised the school timetable during online learning. The most significant change to the day is that Period 5 becomes an Independent Study time rather than a timetabled lesson. This allows our students the opportunity to review the day’s work, continue and consolidate their learning and prepare for lessons to come. It also assists our staff in preparing lessons which are very different to our usual method of teaching and supports them with their own domestic commitments.

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