Resilience and Growth: An Evening with Jake Bailey

Join us for an inspiring evening with Jake, a celebrated speaker who has touched the lives of over 85,000 people across the globe. Since his remarkable recovery from cancer in 2016, Jake has dedicated his life to exploring and teaching the art of resilience. His work reaches diverse audiences from Fortune 500 CEOs to children in remote areas, and from elite athletes to prison inmates.

In this special event, Jake will delve into the essence of mental fortitude—a concept he became fixated on during his own battle with cancer. Through his extensive research in positive psychology, interviews with numerous survivors of great adversities, and his personal experiences, Jake has curated powerful insights and practical strategies for overcoming life’s toughest challenges.

Whether you’re facing personal difficulties or just seeking inspiration to grow through adversities, Jake’s presentation will equip you with the knowledge and motivation to thrive. His messages transcend the specifics of any one hardship and are universally applicable, encouraging resilience in the face of any obstacle.

The evening promises to be uplifting and transformative, perfect for anyone looking to enhance their ability to adapt and flourish regardless of circumstances.

Event Highlights:

  • Insightful talk on resilience and personal growth
  • Engaging storytelling from Jake’s own experiences
  • Practical advice for applying resilience strategies in everyday life
  • Audience Q&A session with Jake

Whether you’re dealing with personal challenges, professional setbacks, or just interested in personal development, this event is for you. Join us for an evening that could change the way you face challenges forever!

Long Bay College Auditorium
6pm, Thursday, 13th June

$20 per ticket.

Book now:

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