Senior performers end the year with a medley

‘Merely Medley’ was a senior production staged on October 30 and directed by Year 12 student, Avalon Martin.

“With the complications due to COVID-19, the senior students had missed out on some performance opportunities this year, so the talented cast of Merely Medley came together to put on the show just before exams,” says Avalon.

The show consisted of various paired and trio scenes and was well received by the audience.

Photo credit: Jaime Bell



Congratulation to Avalon, all the performers and crew for their hard work creating a unique and original show.

Avalon’s efforts were recognised at the recent Arts Awards when she was presented with the award for ‘Excellence and commitment to directing the Senior Show’.  She was also awarded the ‘The Stallard Award for Talent across Multiple Arts’ (read more about this award in the Arts Award newsletter item).

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