Learning From Business Leaders

Written by Jessy Chen, Year 13 Accounting, Economics and Business Student.

It was an honour to have the opportunity to participate in ‘Shadow a Leader’ held by AUT. Kiara Kruger and I attended a breakfast at AUT city campus where we met our team – both an AUT student and a Business leader.

I had the privilege to shadow Shannon Kate, the Head of HR in Technology, Operations, Contact Centre, Properties and Procurement departments from Westpac.

Kiara shadowed Una Diver, a partner in Ernst & Young’s Talent and Reward practice, who is part of EY’s People Advisory Services. Kiara enjoyed her day at Ernst & Young where she had a quick tour around the EY building, followed by morning tea with the employees. Then, she had a chance to speak with the Internship Organiser and an Economist. From her conversations, Kiara gained great advice about the internships and subjects to consider enrolling in at universities next year.

Meanwhile, Shannon arranged meetings for my team with her HR colleagues from different departments so I could learn about their roles in the company. I was introduced to the HRCA team, had a meeting with the Head of HR of the VBW Department. After that, I attended a meeting with the HR Wellbeing Working Group. I had the opportunity to talk to the Employment Relations Department and the Employment Law Department, followed by sessions with the Head of HR Advisory, and also the Head of Enterprise Hub as well as an Agile Coach. I now have a better understanding of the roles at Westpac as well as the management within and between teams. I also learned about Westpac’s positive and cooperative open-office culture, and  importantly, the ways they care about each employee’s wellbeing.

It was a substantial day of experiences for both Kiara and myself. We  gaining insightful information and learnt about different business professions.

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