What’s it like to serve on the Board? Student rep nominations open now

“I have found it fascinating to witness the process an idea goes through, and the considerations that are made before it becomes a reality,” says current BOT Student Representative and Prefect Kyle Sowry.
Kyle was elected to the BOT two years ago and provides an insight into the gains he has received as part of his experience.
“I had the task of giving a student perspective to the decisions that would affect our school community massively. Student perspective is important, because at the end of the day, our school’s three strategic goals are culture, exceptional learning, and environment. All three of these revolve around our school’s students, and if the Board of Trustees is moving toward these three goals, it only makes sense that a student should be at the table for consultation.
In my time on the BOT, huge leaps forward have been made for the school in these three areas, which has been an unmatched learning experience for me.
I leave the Long Bay College Board of Trustees with trust that the next student representative will have as much fun and learn as much as I have, all while giving their input into whatever exciting new ideas are brought to the table.”
A very big thank you goes to Kyle Sowry for his work and commitment to the Board on behalf of Long Bay College.
We’re calling for nominations from current Year 9 to 12 students for the election of Student Representative for a one year term on the Board of Trustees.
• Students may nominate themselves.
• Nominations are open now and close on Friday, August 21.
• Forms are available on our website here
• The election will take place in the last week of Term Three.
The elected student will represent the student perspective in board meetings which take place once a month during term time. The candidate’s ideal skill set includes the ability to think critically, work well in a team and have excellent communication.
The elected student member will join board members (pictured left to right): Vanessa Mitschak, Denise Trent (Staff Representative), Christy Allison, Richard Beechey, Kevin de Jong (Chairperson), Steve Piner, CJ Healey (Principal), Justin O’Sullivan, Simon Tran.
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