Act Of Kindness Recognised

A Long Bay College student’s act of kindness at a secondary school Orienteering competition has impressed multiple school leaders and members of the orienteering community.

While competing in the North Island Orienteering Championships in the Hawkes Bay, Year 12 student Angela Knoester came across a competitor from Green Bay College who had fallen and badly sprained an ankle on tough terrain in a remote section of the course. With no one else around, Angela immediately made the decision to forgo her chance of achieving her personal best at the championships to support her competitor all the way back to the start line.

“I acted as a human crutch. It took us an hour, going at a slow pace, to get back to the main road where we found help,” says Angela.

Angela’s act of altruism resulted in Long Bay College receiving multiple messages of appreciation from the orienteering community and from leaders of other schools competing in the Orienteering Championships.

“We are very proud of the decision Angela made at the championships; that her own achievements were not as important as the wellbeing of a fellow human being.  At our school, we foster a culture of care and Angela is a true role model for our students and of our school’s values of respect, care and community,” says Long Bay College Principal, Mr CJ Healey.

Acknowledged at Long Bay College’s assembly with an act of service badge and certificate, Angela was also rewarded with a gift basket from New World Long Bay who had heard of her kindness. Green Bay College also sent Angela a special certificate of appreciation.

Angela, who sprained an ankle herself in an Orienteering team relay two years ago, humbly believes the help she offered was what anyone would have done. “I wasn’t expecting any kind of acknowledgement. I truly didn’t think it was a big deal.”

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