Writing chosen for popular youth journal

Charli Jones has always enjoyed writing. In late 2019, the creative writing piece ‘Acceptance’ was selected for youth journal Toi Toi, a publication for aspiring young writers and artists.

‘Acceptance’ is short story about the challenges faced by a young, gender-neutral person struggling to simply be accepted for being themselves.

Getting published is a wonderful achievement for the Year 9 student who, like many writers, persevered with submitting stories to the editors only to have  them turned down. Then one day in December 2019, Charli received an email with the great news that ‘Acceptance’ had been selected for Toi Toi.

“I was pretty excited when I found out,” says Charli who originally wrote the piece for a school magazine while at Northcross Intermediate.

Charli has more recently tried their hand at poetry and hopes to pursue writing in some capacity as an adult.

‘Acceptance’ is published in Toi Toi’s Autumn 2020 19th issue. The journal supports the creative works of students aged five to 13 years.

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