Teachers’ top advice for life

With our students getting exam ready, and with some of our senior students concluding their high school journey, we asked our staff to share their favourite quotes and their best pieces of advice that have helped them through life. We hope these words will resonate with our students too.

  1. “‘Wherever you go, go with all your heart.’ The best piece of advice I ever had.” – From Mrs Stephanie Curtis, Year 13 Dean and English Teacher.
  2. “What unites human beings is big and wonderful. What divides human beings is small and mean.” – From Mrs Anne Millar, English Teacher.
  3. “Being sensitive is a strength, not a weakness.” – From Mrs Heather Jenkins, Head of Languages.
  4. “It`s better to be kind than right.” – From Mr Jeff Evans.
  5. “We should never look at a fail or a loss as a bad thing; with exams, sport and life you are either winning or learning. So we either succeed or learn from our mistakes. But I also live by my personal favourite, ‘Those who graduate today and stop learning tomorrow are uneducated the day after’.” – From Mr Kevin Parslow, Year 9 Dean and Health & Physical Education Teacher.
  6. “You cannot plan your life out to the nth degree! Life is a journey, it will present many opportunities along the way. The key is to work hard at the path you are currently on, be a good person and take the opportunities that come your way.  These words are from my Biology teacher when I was worried about my future as a 17 year old. And she was right!” – From Mrs Samantha Lewis, Head of Science Faculty.
  7. “‘Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.’ A quote from Mr Winston S. Churchill. One of my Heroes.” – From Mr Tony Bailey, DIT Teacher.
  8. “As soon as it goes bad, make it good!” From Mr CJ Healey, Principal.
  9. “‘If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me’. These words were shared by my dad after I missed out on making a team. He helped me realise I needed to keep putting in the hours and extra effort to reach my goal.” – From Mr Paul Field, Director of Sport.
  10. “‘You are the prophet of your own destiny.’ And, ‘The All Blacks have a game plan, have you got an exam plan?'” – From Mrs Elizabeth Van Greuning, Mathematics Teacher
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