Ten tips to get NCEA exam ready

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  1. Expectations
  • Exams will be held from Friday, November 8 to Tuesday, December 3 in L block and some O block rooms.
  • You must be in correct school uniform.
  • Students without correct uniform will be asked to correct it or seek a uniform pass –i.e. sent to shave, remove polish, remove jewellery, etc
  • Be quiet moving around exam rooms at all times.

2. Exam Centre Manager

Ms Thomas-Ragg is the Exam Centre Manager

  • Controls the external exams
  • Based in English resource room (L block)

Mrs Beasleigh is Principal’s Nominee

  • Located in the office next to reception in A Block

3. Be on time for your exams

  • Arrive early – 30 minutes before exams start
  • Morning exams start at 9.30am
  • Afternoon exams start at 2pm
  • May not leave in first 45 or last 15 minutes
  • Running late? Go straight to exam. You can enter within first 30 minutes

4. You MUST bring the following essentials to exams with you:

  • Candidate slip
  • Stationary pack
  • School ID (or driver’s licence or passport)


Check exam date, code and National Student Number

Candidate slips are handed out in Week Three, Term Four. Keep them safe! If you forget your candidate slip, see Mrs Reynolds in the Information Systems Office (between Medical and Deans area) and ask her to print you a new one. You will then need to go to Mrs Beasleigh (A block office) to have it signed.


You may bring with you:

  • Evacuation pack
  • Water in clear (label free) bottle

5. DO NOT bring the following items to exams:

  • Notes in any form
  • Packets/boxes of tissues (these will be supplied)
  • Lollies/food (unless agreed due to medical conditions)
  • Headphones & electronic devices (phone/watch must go in evacuation pack under the seat

6. Before your exams

  • Pack your stationery and evacuation bags and wear your correct uniform.
  • Be at school 30 minutes before your exam.
  • Check  the Auditorium window for your exam room – find your exam code on the list.
  • Sick/trauma? – collect a form and instructions from reception before going to the doctor.

7. During your exam

  • Follow the exam supervisor’s instructions.
  • Make sure you write in YOUR papers – check the NSN and exam code matches your candidate slip.
  • Cross mistakes out – don’t use pencil, correcting fluid or erasable pens.
  • Only booklets that you write/draw in will be marked.

8. Missed an exam or are impaired during the exam?

  • Sickness, accident, injury, family bereavement or other emergencies? Contact Mrs Beasleigh ASAP, you may be eligible to apply for a derived grade. jbeasleigh@lbc.school.nz
  • Unwell during an exam? Tell a supervisor, Go straight to reception to get a Derived Grade application form and take the form to a Doctor for them to complete. Return the completed form to Mrs Beasleigh.

9. For more information

  1. Visit:  https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/
  2. Login/register to access results via learner login. Use a personal email (NOT school one).

10: After exams are complete

  • Relax 🙂
  • Enjoy Xmas & family time
  • Do a holiday job, volunteer, etc
  • In mid-January – login to  NZQA website for results
  • Papers will be sent out late January
  • Review/Reconsideration is possible – email Mrs Beasleigh: jbeasleigh@lbc.school.nz
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