To Market, To Market

Written by Tom Kendrick, Year 12 Business Student

A group of Year 12 Business students attended the Browns Bay market over two Sundays, to sell their new and innovative products that were carefully crafted, planned and organised. These products were produced as part of the student’s main internal assessment for the year. The students sold items ranging from; brownies, bath bombs, dog treats, and coasters.

The market days were an opportunity for the groups to grow their business confidence within the community as well as developing business skills such as communication and marketing. The students developed their business knowledge and it was an eye-opener to understand what is needed for organising and producing products.

For the groups who have successfully sold their products, they have continued as a small business in the community. A percentage of the profits from the market day has gone to a charity of the students’ choice.

It has been a great learning experience for setting up a business venture.



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