Get ready for our new House System in 2021

From the first day back in Term One next year, we’ll be launching our new House system and we can’t wait! Our entire House system has been carefully designed to link to our core values of Care, Respect, Creativity and Community in a fun and engaging way. Its purpose is to encourage active student participation within a range of school opportunities, build on our school’s spirit, pride and passion, recognise success and create leadership opportunities. And it is going to be all that and more!

Every student will be assigned to a House at the very start of Term One, which they will remain with throughout their College years. There are five houses, each named after native birds of New Zealand; Takahe, Tieke, Tara iti, Kea, Kokako. School community research was undertaken this year to determine the best House icons. It was evident our community values nature because native trees and birds were strongly supported themes, though birds took the top spot as the most preferred.

Student leaders and staff members are responsible for each House which have a mix of students from across all year levels.

We have a range of fun House events planned each term that relate to our core values as well as to sports, the arts, innovation and academia. These events promote healthy competition (or collaboration) between House members. Students complete initiatives as groups or individuals to earn personal excellence or value badges and points for their House, which count towards an end of year House reward.

It has been wonderful to see the input our students have had into the development of our House system and initiatives. They have shown such enthusiasm for the project. The House logos (which will become House badges) were even designed by our students.

The House system is complex and a lot of hard work by many has gone into its preparation. A very big thank you goes to Miss Jana Durdevic, Miss Adrienne Bishop and her team of Media Super Users, Mr Mike Lewis, Mrs Jac Beasleigh, Mrs Mo Gleeson, the members of our Student Councils and our Design team – Luka Katavich, Phoebe Lewis, Sam Stockley, Kara Voss and Harriet Hartley Pollard.


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