Year 11 Drama enjoy a fairy tale evening

It was a great relief for Year 11 Drama students to finally have the opportunity to perform fairy tales to an audience of family and friends recently.

Students began working on their dramas in Term One but when everyone was required to go into lockdown, like many other activities, the performances were put on hold. Once everyone was back at school in Alert Level 2, rehearsing continued.  However, it was only when Alert Level 1 was achieved the possibility of performing to a full audience became a reality.

Students took part in four plays; two versions of Alice in Wonderland, one of Beauty and the Beast and a twist on Snow White.  Despite preparations before lockdown, students needed a little time to ‘get back in the zone’ in order to fully develop their characters and finalise scripts.

A week out from showtime and everyone’s excitement and anxiety levels rose. But, the moment the actors walked out onto the stage into the lights and saw the audience, there was a true sense of accomplishment and everyone performed their best.

Audience numbers were great and opening night saw an extremely supportive crowd with plenty of clapping and laughter.

All in all, the performance opportunity provided a great experience and was well worth the nerves and hard work!

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